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AirProce Intelligent Air Purifier (AI-300/600)

To meet the needs of respiratory system of people with allergies and babies, and to improve air quality more effectively and continuously, the design of the new ProceCare Allround series is pushed beyond the limit, with huge improvement on its overall airtightness, wind filtering area, glue-free process, and integrated air passage, making it close to a perfect, ideal air purifier.

Air outlet PM2.5


Secondary pollution


TVOC Filter


H13 HEPA Filter


Particulate CADR

Particle-free air outlet
Purification efficiency - higher than 99.99%


Gas phase purification medium technology

We apply MULTI-MIX Media, which can effectively control common indoor gas pollution, VOCs and odor by carrying on both physical adsorption and chemical adsorption simultaneously.

MULTI-MIX Media does not release trapped contaminants even in extreme conditions like high/low temperatures and saturation. The applicable temperature ranges from -40°C to 48.9°C, and humidity ranges from 10% to 95%.

H13 HEPA Filter

HEPA is an internationally-acknowledged safe and efficient filter material that is mostly used in environments that require high cleanliness like nuclear and atomic laboratory, medicine manufacturing and surgery.

The level of HEPA is in proportion with fiber intensity and wind friction. We used H13-level that meets medical requirements and can efficiently filter PM0.1.


Triple filtering - Intermediate TVOC filter

Our filter uses 5 kg of high quality activated carbon to irreversibly eliminates volatile organic compounds (e.g. formaldehyde, benzene, acetaldehyde) by physical  absorption, chemisorption  and catalysis.


Avoid secondary air pollution


Set the fan in the middle of the filter, instead of being exposed in the air, to avoid air backflow and secondary pollution.


Vacuum, dust-free operation

The German backward centrifugal fan is the powerful heart of AirProce, it can provide an amazing 1200m³/h air volume, and the highest air pressure of 700pa is the best among similar products.

Eight shock-absorbing rubber cushions can effectively prevent the vibration transmission of the fan. The fan itself has a ten-year life guarantee, let us accompany you for a longer time.


Innovative patented structure design

The more rigorous sealing structure adopts the double injection molding process of ABS+TPU encapsulation, which provides a high-strength shell, and at the same time ensures the inner double seal without dead ends.


The snap arm is equipped with an NFC reader to read and update the filter information in real time

Smart 5-inch touch screen full range of standard equipment


It is more convenient and smooth to control the display screen. In the running mode, the indoor air data is refreshed every 15 seconds, and the outdoor air data is refreshed every 1 hour.


The air detector installed on the product can understand the air quality of every part of the home in real time, and detect various data such as temperature, humidity, VOC, PM2.5, etc.

multiple products​ Convenient management


We are providing more convenient equipment management and maintenance services to more hotels, educational institutions, fitness clubs and other service places.
​ There, you can manage up to 50 AirProce products at the same time and see an instant comparison of the air conditions in your environment and outside.

Smart AI APP 2.0
The new upgrade


Convenient control, minimalist design, control the device anytime, anywhere. Up to 50 devices can be bound for management.

Officially certified partner of Air Proce
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