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IT Hygiene Solutions

Much more than removing the visible stain and dust on the equipment, IT hygiene is a professional service carried out by specialists. HKFS provides comprehensive and professional hygiene services with specially formulated cleaners and tools to ensure that all types of IT equipment are sanitised without damaging, delivering health care benefits to employees within the workplace.




It is no surprise that telephone hygiene is a major concern with the advent of hot-desking and longer working hours. Using specially formulated disinfecting wipes, the number of germs and bacteria can be greatly reduced, leaving your telephones hygienic. We are committed to using new wipe for each telephone to prevent cross-contamination. 


PC (CPU Tower, Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse)

We sanitise your PCs using disinfecting anti-static computer foam cleaner and lint-free wipes which eliminate dust and debris without damaging the hi-tech devices. This process will keep your devices in prime condition and prevent future breakdowns.
Our specialised tools are also designed to attract and lift all debris and dust from the keyboards, and we use special cleaner to remove grease and other contaminants, leaving keyboards in like-new condition. 



IT Peripheral

Using specially formulated anti-static hygiene products and lint-free wipes, HKFS specialises in the sanitising of various types of IT equipment, including:

- Printer
- Photocopier
- Fax Machine
- Scanner
- Plotter
- Projector
- Plasma
- Shredder 


Data Center and Server Room

According to an industry research from IBM Today, 70%* of computer related breakdowns are caused by dust and other debris. For companies equipped with data center or server room, we also provide specialised hygiene service to keep your important IT facilities running efficiently and avoid costly downtime. 

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