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HVAC cleaning service

The central air conditioning system is a breeding ground for all kinds of mold and bacteria and other pollutants. Untreated air filters will collect pollutants, causing diseases and allergies. The accumulation of organic biofilms on the surface will pose a threat to the health of building users.

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 Clean the coil with OG sanitizer


The product is certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency to kill a variety of epidemic viruses and inhibit the growth of bacteria.


pH neutral, non-corrosive, completely biodegradable

Treatment and prevention    

- Spray OG sanitizer on the coil to form a thin protective film on the surface

- Long-lasting inhibition of bacteria and mold growth


- Spray OG disinfectant evenly on the surface of the filter

- It can effectively inhibit the growth of mold, prolong the service life of the filter, and strengthen the function of the filter to remove dust

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