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Sustainable Air Filtration Solution

The advanced nanofiber technology researched, developed and manufactured in Hong Kong combined with sustainable component design brings the most innovative, effective, sustainable and flexible solutions to enhance indoor air quality and meet customer needs.

Product Features

Product Series

"Aircology Sustainable Air Filtration Solution" with its compact and collapsible design that largely reduces packaging waste, transportation costs, and end-of-product-lifecycle disposal. Its reusable filtration module and easily-replaceable filter are suitable for use in ventilation systems which are found in all types of indoor infrastructure in HVAC, including: FCU, AHU, etc.To effectively enjoy and supply clean air whilst being environmentally responsible, satisfying corporate social responsibility in SDG and ESG.

Multifunctional Nano-filtration Technology


"Aircology Sustainable Air Filtration Solution" in conjunction with MultiH® unified nano-filtration technology, up to 99% of bacteria and viruses can be captured and killed, granting peak levels of indoor air quality.

Copy of FC5100043_044_01_edited.png
  • Applicable to return-air grilles of air conditioning system and HVAC system

  • Used in multiple ways: single piece filter /panel type filter

  • Multifunctional, easy to install and replace directly A variety of sizes is available

  • ​Welcome custom request

Air Conditioning System F-Series

​Scope of application

Case Study At 6-star Hotel

Applied to air conditioning system FCU (return air position)

Before and one week after using MultiH®:
  • Comparison of amount of bacteria in thew air
  • Removal of yeast and mold
  • Removal of PM0.3 and PM2.5 fine particles
  • Influence on air flow
​*According to the Environmental Protection Department, indoor air quality indicators for testing
Case Study In F Series.jpg

Test data shows both airborne bacteria and yeast & mould % has decreased after 1 week of application:








Airborne Bacteria

Yeast & Mould

Reach IAQ
​Excellent Class

After one week:

PM2.5 small particle removed


PM0.3 small particle removed


air flow test.png

Air flow velocity (supply air) average 2.5 m/s

Air flow averahe 
2.6 m/s

The test shows that the air output is stable after use

Data point collected at supply air (average)

*For Reference Use Only

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