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AAF Int'l Company is the largest manufacturer and distributor of air filters and related equipment in the world since 1921. Its AAF products are sold well and highly accepted in the world. Just by combining the advanced technology of the world has it been developing hi-tech products on the existing basis.


As an industrial enterprise with an eminent history, AAF Company has continuously been working hard to satisfy the requirements of customers for quality of filters and variance of air purification in the past 80 years. In the meantime, it has accumulated considerable professional experience. Now it is capable of providing diversified filters and related devices in the industrial field. Much due to its advanced industrial technology and excellent QA contingent can it offer numerous customers both good but cheap products and knight service.


Ceaseless efforts for development deliver AAF an achievement of having 23 plants in the world, with more than 4000 employees. Application of its air filter in various realms has been highly reputed among customers of all circles. Since investment in China in 2000, AAF has set up 3 plants and 10 distributing offices in the Shenzhen, Suzhou and Wuhan, his marketing network covering the whole country.


    AAF Designed a special Lomtar module filter to prevent contamination of the moon from earth particies during the Apollo landing and experiments.


    AAF provides high efficiency filters to protect senior allied personnel in operation Desert Storm.

Purification Theory

1. Pre-filter - smog, waste particles, dust, large smoke particles 

2. Activated carbon filter - foul odor, pollen, CO2

3. High efficiency HEPA filter - bacteria, fungus, molds

4. Ultraviolet anti-bracteria layer - virus, germs

5. Photo catalyst anti-bacteria layer - virus, germs

6. Negative Ions Air Freshener layer - negative ions, oxygen, fresh water particles


 Model - PurAir 200

Functional Advantages


- Air Pollution Indication System to adjust fan speed automatically 

- Energy Saving Mode

- Mute Sleep Mode

- 99.99% High Filtration Efficiency

- Eliminate Countless Allergic Sources

- Quiet and Energy Saving

- Remove Dust

- Prevent Moulds & Mildew

- Kill Bacteria & Viruses

- Eliminate Odors


Power Supply:

220-240V / 50Hz 40W
External Dimensions (H x W x D):

350 x 450 x 160mm

Pruification Efficiency:

99.99% (0.3um)

Disinfection Efficiency:


Fan Speed:

3 : 180m3/h
2 : 130m3/h
1 : 80m3/h
Sleep : 60m3/h

Coverage Area:

20-30m2 (220-320ft2)





Filtration System


320 x 220 x 4mm
Activated Carbon &
Potassium Permanganate Blend:

320 x 220 x 12mm

HEPA Filter with Intersept Insecticide:

320 x 220 x 15mm

Photocatalyst Net:

295 x 195 x 4mm

UV Light:


Lonizer (Negative Lons):

3,000,000-6,000,000 lons/cm3

Motor Power:


Noise Level:

Air Pollution Indication System:

Green Light - Fresh Clean Air
Orange Light - Slight Pollution
Red Light - Heavy Po

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